Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am thankful that I am not the type of person who only thinks about what he's thankful for one day of the year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moral Sense Test (especially for post-secondary philosophy graduates)

The above link is a "survey" of Experimental Philosophy directed primarily at philosophers who have graduate level degrees... think of it as "Experimental Ethics". I advise you take the time (15 min. or so) to answer the questions, whether or not you are a philosopher. (try it!)

At you can answer a series of questions to see where you fit on this scale. Most conservatives score more to the liberal (left) side than most liberal politicians! Take it, let me know your results. My result is depicted by the image above.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Catholic Priest calls for repentance if you voted for Obama

Obama is pro-choice, so if you voted for him and go to this church, you must repent. Somehow, though, if you voted for McCain (who supports killing BORN children in war), you don't have to repent.


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Most Christians who are anti-gay (marriage or otherwise) claim that homosexuality, and the acceptance of such, will bring a curse upon our country.

But it looks as though god is telling us otherwise. Gay marriage was banned this month in California and now half of the state is suffering from burning flames of fire (analogous to hell??). Is this a sign? YES! God is saying REINSTATE GAY MARRIAGE IMMEDIATELY OR HE'LL BURN YOU ALL!

California will pay for what they did. God is burning you all in hell RIGHT NOW for NOT supporting gay marriage!

Friday, November 14, 2008


"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."
-- Abraham Lincoln

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Price of Our Oil Addiction

This link provides audio commentary matched with pictures taken in Nigeria, which regard the oil companies in the area.

Also, bookmark this page.


We are a society that views human life in a matter of degrees.

Rich over Poor
Men over Women
Home owner over Homeless
White over Black
Straight over Gay

etc. x infinity.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hate vs Love

Last word on this. I've lost a LOT of respect for the Mormon church for their influence upon the passing of Prop 8. I hope they enjoy the backlash and the reputation of a discriminative religion for hurting these people.

Quick thought about this:

If the government votes to go to war for no reason better than simply killing 1 MILLION civilians and fight and war on terror that can't be won, the Mormon church stands WITH this decision. Stands with HATE.

But if the government passes a law that gives adults more FREEDOM to LOVE whoever they love, the church stands AGAINST this. Stands against LOVE.

I'm very disappointed. Not like they will care. But when the Mormon church changes their opinion on this, much like in the way they changed their opinion on Polygamy and Racism against African-Americans, I hope some of their members will begin to see that they simply go with society, and not any type of god.

Many of my friends and family are LDS, but this is on thing that I cannot tolerate: hatred and discrimination. I'm very disappointed.


Thursday, November 6, 2008


This man was just convicted of killing a married couple on their yacht. According to CNN, the jury is recommending the Death Penalty and the victim's son is pleased with this. But does this man (pictured) deserve to be killed - even for the crime of murder?
Are we such an archaic society that we murder murderers - proving that we are no better? Are "we" so senseless and unforgiving as Christians that we want to send this man to Hell, rather than try to rehabilitate him and hope that he can get to a better place, regardless of whether he spends the rest of this life in prison? But this man killed somebody - two people in fact. So does he deserve death? Do we deserve to take the life of another human being, ever, in our judicial system? He is a murderer, no doubt, but he is still a human being. If we (as a society) choose to execute him, that is as premeditated of a murder as the murder committed by this man. Would you pull the trigger? Would you enjoy it? Or would you take pity on a lost soul and try to better him, and the world, in such a way that there remained a chance?


Friday, November 7th (yes, that's technically today!), there will be a protest in Salt Lake City at North Temple and State St at 6pm. Go if you can! This will be a protest of Proposition 8 in California, which bans gay marriage in that state. The Mormon church is a large part of the reason why that past, so the protest will be primarily focused toward the Mormon Church (hence the location).

Again, show up if you can!

Here are some words about it.

http://www. sltrib. com/contents/ci_10918202

Have You Ever

HAVE YOU EVER contemplated suicide?—
owned a bicycle

that wasn’t yours?—
swam alongside creatures
who accept you

more so than you accept

inhaled the world around,
drawing closer to an
inanimate object?—

wished for


slept with your eyes open?—

experienced an out of body
by the mere fact that you are
inside another or
another inside you?—

have you ever truly loved someone

Proposition 8 PASSED in California

You stupid people. Go back to Nazi Germany or to the Dark Ages if you want to control who rational adults can love.

Suppressing LOVE? What the fuck kind of country are we? Besides a hateful, discriminative one.

Nov. 4 produced a couple of victories, and a milestone for America for sure. But unfortunately, not without the reminder that we still aren't past discrimination and hate IN GENERAL.

It's very disgusting to me. And I hope most of you will try and reexamine your lives to see if whatever it is you are doing is worthwhile. I hope that it is. I'm not so happy with my results. We could all do more.

I had more faith in California. Faith gets me nowhere though.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For the Record

For the record, I'm very happy that Obama won. But not nearly as happy as I am that McCain lost and will, therefore, NOT be president.

Obama better make good on reducing troops, etc. etc. Democrats take the House and Senate, too. It's about time!