Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Utahn's opinions of homosexuality? **UPDATED

On the KSL News website here in Utah, you can post comments about the news stories posted. And every single time a story is posted that has anything to do with homosexuality, I see the most hateful, ignorant, and downright dangerous comments that exist on the website. I see how the normative view is in Utah, and it is a very sad thing. Below are a few of the comments taken directly from their comment board (also note that KSL moderates these comments, and doesn't allow words like "Fuck" or "Shit" or as far as I know, even words like "Damn," yet they allow words like "Fag" and so forth - it should also be notes that 20-to-1 of the comments is against homosexuality in general, not just against the marriage of homosexuals).

Comments from the KSL story: "Gay-rights group takes out ad in Prop 8 fight."

dragonempress writes:

Really... enough is enough. They want to make is legal to violate gods laws. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! END OF STORY! If you didn't give them air time they wouldn't keep whining like the whiney little babies they are.

Its like a child who has stolen a cookie from the pantry and got caught... its wrong the child knows it... but they whine anyway...

Like it or not all you gay freaks out there... religious people will stand up for what is right whether or not you like it.


Ben D. writes:

How many times can you beat a gay horse. Er, I mean a dead horse???


denn034 writes:

They are a bunch of sore losers that're just trying to wear down people's resistance to it... Promoting the gay lifestyle can only lead to more AIDS infections as the recent spike in AIDS infections shows.


DJC 47 writes:

Give it a rest. We don't want it and you have no right to demand it. Just get on with your immoral lives and leave the rest of us out of it.


newsreader435 writes:

Homosexuals are just wacko in mind as well as body.


Cankerpuss writes:

I agree with you 100%. Homosexuality by and of itself leads to death of a society because homosexuals cannot naturally reproduce themselves. It's insanity to put same sex marriage on the same legal status of children producing hetero sexual marriages.


And finally,

I'm so sick of the homosexual mafia throwing crap around. This fight against prop 8 is going to backfire against the perverts.

It's time to let it die. Maybe the up and coming generation of vacuuos souls will give someone the right to marry anyone or anyTHING they want. Until then, accept your losses and just go away. Gays are only inflicting more pain on an already painful situation by not going quietly into the realms of the defeated.


Here is a quote from the same site ( on another news story about gay marriage.

Why can't these qweers just go away and go back in the closet where they belong?
by Sambecks C. @ 8:36pm - Fri Dec 19th, 2008
Geez, this is getting SO OLD!!!!! Homosexual activists are nothing but predators and they should be treated as such.


Anonymous said...

This is the denn034 whose KSL comment you put on your blog. Quite frankly, I ask that you exclude my KSL post from your blog.

Jorgen said...

You posted it publicly, why would I remove it?