Monday, June 1, 2009

Unconscious Decision Making

People should read more into unconscious decision making (even if by only searching Google). Forget Freud (well, not entirely), because the new research currently in progress in the field of cognitive science (neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and computational theory) will revolutionize the way you think about the brain/mind.

Topics concerning the Unconscious that I'm currently interested in:

Illusory Decision Making (what is an actual decision? When is a decision made? Is a decision a “mental process” or a “physical action”? That is, if I decide to click the left button over the right button, but then a moment later I change my mind, did I ever actually make a decision to push the left button or was the only decision the one that led to an action?
Unconscious Confabulation (how and why we can have false memories?)
Heuristics for Decision Making (how reliable are these, how do they occur?)
Unconscious Awareness (can we, as organisms, be aware of things of which we are not conscious?)
States of Unconsciousness (are there levels of the unconscious mind similar to the levels presumably present in the conscious mind?)
Unconscious Computation vs. Conscious Computation (is there a difference in how our conscious and unconscious functions? Is the unconscious strictly computational, while our conscious may be something more than that? - think quantum mechanics)
Unconscious Communication (how does the unconscious mind communicate with the conscious mind?)
The Evolution of the Unconscious (both physiological – via evolutionary biology – and historically – via how we think about unconsciousness)
Unconscious Deception (does our unconscious deceive our conscious, or, more likely, does our conscious misperceive the information in the unconscious?)
Unconscious Deliberation (how does our unconscious prepare decisions for our conscious minds?)
Unconscious Memories Retrieval (how does our brain intake memories, of which we are unaware, and how is it possible that we can consciously retrieve them?)
Collective Unconscious (what’s with Jung’s theory?)

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