Monday, July 5, 2010

Engaged, Studying for the GRE, & (hopefully) Grad School

This is my first post (barring the preceding post) in a while.

I've not too much to say other than what seems to consume the majority of my life right now, which is: (i) my brand new engagement to the lovely Paige Hamblin; (ii) studying for the GRE; and (iii) preparing for graduate school.

To briefly recap - in order to (hopefully) put me back in blogging mode:

I returned from Philadelphia on June 19 - after spending two weeks at UPenn's summer workshop in Cognitive (Neuro)Science - and Paige, in her very nervous and cute nature, proposed marriage. And yes, I accepted her proposal. We tentatively (but more likely than not) plan to be married on June 24, 2011. It will be very low-key and awesome.

I've especially not much to say about the GRE - other than it consumes me (currently). I spend 4-6 hours a day studying for this piece of garbage, which most assuredly does not project any real propensity for one's ability to succeed in graduate school. But, nonetheless, I play the game. I am progressing rather slowly, and have set the bar rather high. I've scheduled to take the test on July 26th (three weeks from today), and my goal is to hit a score of 1450 (or at least hit 700 in each of the two major sections). This probably will *not* be the case, however, and I'm sure - if I am still blogging in the future - I will express frustration about my less-than-goal-oriented-score, and plan to retake this horrid exam. Regardless, for now, I stay optimistic in my time-wasting studies.

Grad school is (hopefully) approaching - I will send out applications this December. Details on that remain forthcoming.

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