Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gay Marriage Legal in California Once Again

But would you know that if you lived in Utah?

Just a couple of hours ago, a California judged lifted the stay, which prevented same-sex marriages from resuming. The result? Same-sex couples can begin getting married in 6 days (on Aug. 18th). Such news resonated through national (and international) headlines...

While some reports took a rather cautious middle-ground: yes gay marriage is legal once again in California, but not quite yet....

But what would you see on the headlines if you lived in Utah? Well, Fox's local news station failed to mention it entirely (at least as of now). But not to worry, other local news agency have stepped in to spread the word, which will assuredly make gay rights advocates teem with joy - BUT WAIT... what are the Utah headlines of this victory for equality?

That's right, JUDGE KEEPS GAY MARRIAGE IN CALIFORNIA ON HOLD (until at least Aug. 18.). The picture depicts solemn supporters of the gay rights movement, one of whom is appearing to cry.

How about the other Utah news agencies (that actually bothered to cover the story)?

Ah yes, quite similar.

So, should we trust the media? Could there be a bigger spin on a story from the CNN posting to the KSL posting? The former shows a triumphant victory for equality, while the latter depicts a solemn loss for the gay rights movement? These two are reporting the same story, after all.

Either way this story is spun, this is no doubt a victory for the gay rights movement. Sure, gay and lesbian couples cannot resume getting married yet - but they can in, well, SIX DAYS! I just thought I might inform the Utah public, just in case they only check the local news and remained confused about the matter.

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Brittany said...

That's interesting. I wonder what the Utah news folks think, they're dishonest twist is going to matter? Like if Utahns don't get the "bad" news straight and quick, it will just go away? Such a strange thing to do. But yes, this is great news.