Friday, September 5, 2008

Ideas about Language

In my class "Language, Most Dangerous of Possessions" we are speaking about how language contributes largely to our identity. From thinking about this I drew (with my lack of artistic talent) a picture of Elliott Smith (from the portrait of him standing in a black shirt, holding an umbrella), but instead of drawing with lines, I used only lyrics from his songs, album titles, or quotes of his (and once I used his name). I'm positive it won't show up in the picture with how small it will be, but I put a bigger copy up on a link (at the bottom) so hopefully you can click that and zoom up to see some of the letters/words/lyrics/language.

I'm obviously not "showing off" any type of talent in drawing, just a fun idea that I enjoyed bringing to life. I call it: "Elliott Smith, A Man of Many Words"

Link to a (hopefully) larger image of it:

Here is the original picture:

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corb said...

That is way cool.