Friday, November 7, 2008

Hate vs Love

Last word on this. I've lost a LOT of respect for the Mormon church for their influence upon the passing of Prop 8. I hope they enjoy the backlash and the reputation of a discriminative religion for hurting these people.

Quick thought about this:

If the government votes to go to war for no reason better than simply killing 1 MILLION civilians and fight and war on terror that can't be won, the Mormon church stands WITH this decision. Stands with HATE.

But if the government passes a law that gives adults more FREEDOM to LOVE whoever they love, the church stands AGAINST this. Stands against LOVE.

I'm very disappointed. Not like they will care. But when the Mormon church changes their opinion on this, much like in the way they changed their opinion on Polygamy and Racism against African-Americans, I hope some of their members will begin to see that they simply go with society, and not any type of god.

Many of my friends and family are LDS, but this is on thing that I cannot tolerate: hatred and discrimination. I'm very disappointed.


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