Thursday, November 6, 2008


This man was just convicted of killing a married couple on their yacht. According to CNN, the jury is recommending the Death Penalty and the victim's son is pleased with this. But does this man (pictured) deserve to be killed - even for the crime of murder?
Are we such an archaic society that we murder murderers - proving that we are no better? Are "we" so senseless and unforgiving as Christians that we want to send this man to Hell, rather than try to rehabilitate him and hope that he can get to a better place, regardless of whether he spends the rest of this life in prison? But this man killed somebody - two people in fact. So does he deserve death? Do we deserve to take the life of another human being, ever, in our judicial system? He is a murderer, no doubt, but he is still a human being. If we (as a society) choose to execute him, that is as premeditated of a murder as the murder committed by this man. Would you pull the trigger? Would you enjoy it? Or would you take pity on a lost soul and try to better him, and the world, in such a way that there remained a chance?

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