Thursday, June 19, 2008


By faith, a murderer can be understood as a saint.
By faith, a hallucination can be understood as a psychic premonition.
By faith, no evidence can be understood as the greatest proof of all.
By faith, the best evidence can be disregarded with no counterclaim.
By faith, free will can be predetermined.
By faith, three gods can be one, and one can be three.
By faith, a perfect law can be changed for a better one.
By faith, something “begotten” can be eternal.
By faith, prayer can change what is already determined.
By faith, a snake can talk to a human.
By faith, those who don’t have faith, can be burned for eternity.
By faith, Santa Claus flies around the world in one night.
By faith, a giant bunny hops around the world in one night.
By faith, a fairy will pay you for your teeth.
By reason, all of the above are completely preposterous.

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