Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Mind is a Curious Entity

Your mind is a logical system that works through hundreds of trillions of neural connections and sequences. Vision is simply an illusion that is processed by these connections, nothing more.

The image above never moves (obviously), however, when you move forward and backward your brain becomes confused with the information and compensates by rearranging what you see, which gives the illusion of movement. The image itself is not moving, but your brain causes this erroneously. The so-called "movement" is merely just "confusion".

So, does this cause any other problems when regarding reality? This is why the research persists. Is perception reality? Are there objective (mind independent) facts about life, or only what exists in our neural network? What other compensations do our minds make in everyday life? And so on...

The Mind is a very curious thing. Does it work independently of our body? No. Can it? Probably not, but who knows. One thing is for certain, it has the potential for limitless possibilities.

Do yourselves a favor... EXPLORE THE MIND!

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