Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Favorite "Brain Teaser"

This is usually referenced as an illusion, which, I suppose it is... but I like the term brain teaser because that tends to be more accurate.

In this picture, both squares with the letters A and B on them are identical in color, but the context of the colors surrounding them make one appear to be lighter/darker than the other... so it is illusory indeed, by way of teasing the brain into seeing something that it is not.

I hope you enjoy it. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE IF FULL SIZE)

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Diede said...

Hm, that’s good! Maybe they you have a link that shows the whole process from the start… I mean, that will prove the illusion more. How did you discover this? I feel like I want more illusions or brain teasers photo now. :D
Diede School